About Us

Jeffrey and Brenda Karalnick, the owners of Ohana Camera Expendables Inc., opened OCE in 2009 and enlisted the help of their children (Josh, Alyssa, and Jake) to help in the operations of their business.

As CEO, Brenda carried over 15 years of experience working with camera assistants and their expendable needs. As a family and a business, Ohana Camera Expendables Inc. has continued to grow to the become successfully one of the motion picture camera department's favorite expendables supply company. 

Ohana Camera Expendables Inc. was established as one the only companies in Southern California dedicated to supporting the motion picture and television camera departments' expendables as an individualized, specialized service.

Ohana Camera Expendables Inc. has continued to supply many major motion pictures as well as television series, commercials, and independent filmmakers and student projects for all their expendable needs.

Our mission is to supply both a variety of product selection in addition to specialty items not carried by our competitors. 

Welcome to the Ohana!